Self doubt has been a constant companion through much of my adult life -  as a graduate student living in a foreign country, as Technical Lead of an all-male Software Development Team, as a newly wed daughter-in-law and as a first time parent.
In each role, I maintained high standards of achievement, worked hard for others' approval and suffered through immense amounts of stress and anxiety, that also negatively affected my physical well-being. 

It took years of challenging work to understand my values, prioritize my well-being, create healthy boundaries, face the fears lurking beneath the surface, and still maintain the progress I aspired to.

Today I work hard at a rewarding career, experience love and respect in my relationships and am consciously present in parenting moments. I brave the tough days with compassion for myself and end each day with deep gratitude, looking to the future, open to whatever it brings.

What does your life look like when you Maximize Your Potential and live with Unshakeable Confidence? 

I have incorporated my learning and experiences into programs that are designed to support you through your journey, however you want that to look.

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