10 Key elements of outstanding performance

Give yourself the best shot at success by improving the quality of your performance.

Do you want to be more productive at work, enjoy better relationships, lose weight, get a degree or run a marathon? No matter what your goals are, they can be achieved. There are no guarantees in life, but there are things within your control that give you a great shot at success.Your performance is one such thing. Here are ten valuable elements to aid you in creating outstanding performance regardless of the goals you want to achieve.

Vision – Why is this particular goal important to you? How will you feel when you’ve achieved it? How will life be different for you? Are you willing to have a future without this? Get very familiar with your motivation behind your pursuit. Get a sense of how much you truly want this for yourself. Remind yourself of your vision every day as you work towards your goal.

Planning & Preparation – Make all the decisions related to your goal ahead of time, so that when the time comes, all you are responsible for is action and nothing else. Plan your schedule and your actions being as specific as possible. Prepare your environment by getting it ready for your purpose. The more effort you put into this step, the easier you make it for yourself to act. Throughout your progress, revisit this step to make adjustments so that your plan works for you.

Expectations – What are your expectations of yourself in the long term? Are they based on what others have experienced and what works for them? While it is great to find inspiration in others, set your expectations based on your vision and your abilities. What are your expectations of yourself in the near term, in your daily action plan? Are you being overly ambitious? Are you not challenging yourself enough? Find a balance between setting yourself up for success and doing enough to make progress. This will take a few attempts to get right and will need your attention throughout.

Belief in Yourself – Where you currently are in your skills and accomplishments matters far less than your belief in your ability to succeed. You don’t need to be smarter or more accomplished or anybody other than who you are. What you do need is a steadfast belief that your efforts will work for you.

Trust in the Process – You’ve chosen this goal and you’re motivated by it. You’ve put significant effort into charting your path towards achieving it. Now, trust this process that you’ve created for yourself and get to work.

Focus – Don’t look too far ahead and give all your attention only to your very next step, especially when you experience doubt or overwhelm.

Action – This may seem obvious, but it needs saying. All the time and effort spent in the previous steps, lose their power if you don’t actually act. It is common to have difficulty getting started but challenge yourself to take action, no matter how small. Action in turn, begets more action.

Consistentency – Show up everyday and do the best you can. If you have a plan and are well prepared, all you need to do is keep showing up. Build on the action you’ve already taken to continue growing. Keep at it until consistency becomes automatic. Sometimes there are things out of our control that disrupt the routine we’ve created and that could feel disappointing. Don’t lament – put your energy into getting back at it as soon as you are able.

Resilience – Setbacks will happen. It is natural to want to avoid them or to view them as failure. Neither way will serve you in the long run. Understand that setbacks are par for the course. They happen to everyone and the only way forward is through. Now more than ever is a great time to reconnect with your vision. Be kind to yourself rather than being critical. Remember that you are a work in progress and are doing the best you can. Learn from the experience.

Support & Accountability – As you work towards your goals, objectively assess your current abilities and if needed, get the support of someone who can help you make progress. This may be a program to enhance your skills, a mentor to guide you or a Coach to partner with you and hold you accountable.


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