Masterful Living

Updated: Feb 14

Finding joy in the process, not just in a positive outcome;

Playing the game with abandon, no matter what the score;

Cherishing the journey, no matter the distance from the destination - this is Masterful Living!

In today’s world, we are mostly conditioned to live in a state that is the opposite of mastery. Results and successes are celebrated exclusively, setting us up to undervalue the journey of getting there.

Repeatedly glorified successes come with a narrow definition, subtly conveying that anything that falls outside the boundaries of this definition, is insignificant.

It is understandable then, that those of us who do not measure up to such elevated standards, should feel that until we do, we are somehow incomplete and not fully ready to be happy.

A promotion at work, a bigger paycheck, a more expensive car, a grander home, the ideal weight - all worthwhile pursuits that will bring joy, but only when accomplished.

What of the journey then? What happens while we are working towards such a goal?

Our focus is consumed by the object of our efforts and we drift away from being able to appreciate what we do have. We are simply waiting.

How do we feel when there are setbacks and progress takes longer than we’d hoped? What if there is reason to believe that we might not achieve?

Our sense of self is threatened. We hold on tighter to this evasive dream.

We might look for external validation, hoping that will make us feel secure in ourselves again.

We might rationalize the issue or look for a reason, maybe someone to blame - ourselves, others or the situation.

Either response is an act of resistance and drains our energy, leaving us less able to perform well, consequently pushing us farther away from the very results we seek.

Masterful Living

To the contrary, Masterful Living begins with

the understanding that we can be happy right now, even when our goals are far from materializing,

the belief that the present moment is more important than an arbitrary time in the future when goals are accomplished.

Mastery requires the belief that any outcome is a good outcome because whether or not we achieve what we aimed for, there will always be something to learn and help us grow.

Mastery understands that life is filled with ups and downs and true sustaining joy depends on our ability to accept them both with composure.

Mastery in a word is Balance - absorbing external benchmarks while tempering them with internal values, accepting a setback while preparing to regroup, embracing achievements while recognizing there is more to learn, acknowledging the past and planning for the future while living in the moment.

The Journey to Mastery

Look Within

Explore your self and become familiar with what is important to you. With this knowledge, you can set the standards of what Success means to you and not depend entirely on a definition provided by other sources. When you know what your aspirations are and how they are distinct from popular consensus, when you know what makes you happy, you will find the courage to be your unique, authentic self rather than getting caught up in trying to fit in or to prove yourself. You will find pride in your own accomplishments even if they are modest in comparison. When you are consciously able to decide what is important to you, there is an uplifting freedom that allows you to pursue your goals with unfettered enthusiasm. Increased Self-Awareness is fundamental to understanding your own values and setting your own standards.

Choose The Process, Aspire to Love It

Emphasize Learning and Growth

Practice Active Gratitude

Your Masterful Life

Imagine a moment when you are wholeheartedly engaged in working towards a meaningful goal.

You are focussed on a task and giving it your best effort.

You look past outcomes and instead prioritize learning.

In that moment, you are filled with gratitude for the possibility in your life.

You don’t know what the future holds but you believe in your ability to make the best of it.

String every such moment together.

What fleeting destination can bring greater joy than such an enduring journey?

P.S. - Undeniably, most ideas I am suggesting you adopt in this article are not easy to do. If you are committed to a life of fulfillment and need help on your journey, please feel free to reach out to me or subscribe below to receive similar content. Thank you for reading!


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