Unshakeable Confidence Introduction

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Phase 1: Know Who You Are Confidence comes from knowing who you are and appreciating your qualities and abilities. Using a comprehensive, structured process, we identify the thoughts and beliefs causing you to doubt your capabilities. Maybe you worry your colleagues will struggle to understand you because of your accent so you don’t speak up in meetings. Or, you question the value of your experience simply because your background differs from others. By challenging and overcoming these thoughts we will uncover the strengths undoubtedly have, but don’t see. The result: you understand and accept yourself and realize that you are capable of more. Phase 2: Trust Yourself Confidence means making and trusting your decisions even when it means disagreeing with or disappointing people.Maybe you have trouble deciding what to do or when to say “no” to your children because your family follows customs that are different from what their friends do at home. Or maybe you find yourself depending on other people’s approval to feel good about yourself or your decisions. We will explore your environment and identify the situations causing you to question your judgement. You will learn to listen to and trust your “inner voice” or intuition again and create boundaries you feel good about so that you can stand up for yourself and rely on YOU, rather than others, for answers and direction. Phase 3: Take Fearless Action Confidence grows when you take action towards your goals but too often fear of failure or disappointment stops people from taking the first step and they stay stuck and uncertain. Maybe you always wanted to do more fund-raising to support a community project but the fear of failure has stopped you from volunteering. In this step, we will identify a goal, outline what needs to happen to achieve it and guide you in developing resilience to handle setbacks and accept feedback with openness and curiosity. Phase 4: Master Your Unshakeable Confidence Achieving any goal, and developing confidence, means mastering new or existing skills and staying consistent when setbacks happen. Maybe your hard work didn’t get the recognition it deserved or a family event you organized didn’t go as well as you had hoped. Whatever the situation, in this step we will monitor your progress towards your goal and introduce personalized strategies so you can maintain a positive mindset, focus and commitment. Armed with a clear plan and a process that works for you to overcome ch