Robyn E.

Arthi was a kind, attentive, and caring coach. She held space for me without judgment, and was very patient with me when I couldn't even articulate what was going on for me during our sessions. She asked really interesting and thought-provoking questions, and made me see things in a new way that helped me process and move forward. I highly recommend Arthi.

Jim Beaver

Arthi exceeded my expectations with her keen insight and perceptive intuition. Immediately she helped me identify areas and solutions that I had not previously considered. After each session I was first, surprised with our outcomes then second, motivated to put my new insights into practice so I could begin moving forward. Thanks Arthi for your sincere dedication to my growth.

Nicole S.

I had the pleasure of working with Arthi as my coach, and found her to be incredibly insightful. She was able help me uncover several blocks to success that I hadn't previously realized as ongoing patterns, and create actionable practices to implement in my daily work so that they could become less intrusive. Thank you, Arthi!

A. Ramnath

I approached Arthi for help when I was feeling stuck in my career and didnt have a clear path towards getting to the next step in my career. I had the ambition and determination to grow but didnt know how to direct them towards the right things to help propel me forward. I was feeling stuck in a cyclical pattern of creating plans, second-guessing them and ultimately discarding them only to come back to them again. I found myself repeating this pattern over and over again to the point where I started to feel discouraged about my abilities. In just a few sessions, Arthi was able to help me cut through the clutter and ambiguity of my thoughts and instilled a tremendous amount of clarity that immediately made visible to me what my primary goal was and how to use my motivation in all the right ways to make progress. In my case, it turned out that I was focusing all my thought and energy on a number of intermediate steps that would only serve to make me feel 'eligible' for growth not realizing I was already 'eligible' and all I had to do was be clear on where I wanted to get to and why. Not only did she help provide this clarity but she also helped me perform at my best through the process of taking tangible, realistic and achievable actions towards my goal. After years of feeling stuck, I landed a job promotion literally within months of being coached by Arthi. I highly recommend Arthi.