Maybe you come home at night, exhausted from a busy workday, and instead of letting go of the day’s challenges, you find yourself obsessively going over every conversation you had and every decision you made, unsure if you made the “right” choices.


Or, you wake up in the morning already stressing, again, about what your boss and coworkers will say about a presentation you put together even though you’ve researched the topic carefully and reviewed your work with them many, many times already to make sure it meets expectations.

Then, it’s time for you to schedule a Trust Your Choices session and understand why, in-spite of doing good work, you continue to revisit your choices and worry you’re not doing well enough...."

You’ll learn exactly why you stress about what your boss and coworkers think of you and also why you spend a lot of time and effort, revising your work over and over to avoid making mistakes …. all in under an hour.

How It Works: You’ll do a brief assessment that helps us understand how you think, and then hop on the phone for a 45 minute call with me.

At the end you will know:

  1. Why you find yourself revisiting all your choices to make sure others will approve of them (it's not what you think)

  2. How to stop stressing and trust your decision-making so that you can leave work at work, and enjoy your evenings.

  3. Know exactly - in concrete, tailored for you steps - what you can do immediately to shift your mindset to feel and function better. (Don't worry, one of these will only take 5 minutes).