Transform yourself into the Unshakably Confident, High-Performing individual you know you can be



What you get when you join the program

Unshakeable Confidence


Your results can only be as strong as the belief you have in yourself. Uncover any limiting beliefs, own your strengths, find your voice and accept your imperfections without feeling held back by them.

Training in Consciously Shifting Your Emotions


The quality of your results depend on your ability to focus and perform. Our emotions, whether they are subtle or obvious, can take up our attention and detract from our performance. You will be trained in the use of a highly effective leadership tool that keeps you responding to every situation with the composure that drives you forward.

Included with this training are

  • an assessment that identifies your current perspective on life and how you respond to challenges

  • an app that provides in the moment insight into your emotional experience and strategies to shift it accordingly.

Your Blueprint for Success

You will be trained in understanding the effect of various factors on your performance towards your goals. As you become conscious of what works for you and what doesn't, you learn to catalog and increase more the former, eliminating or reducing the latter, creating a model for an environment that drives you towards success.


This program is delivered over 9 individual Coaching Sessions.

Number of Sessions - 9

Duration - 90 minutes for the first session, 60 minutes for the remaining 8 sessions.

Format - Private, Individual conversation with Arthi via Zoom Video or Phone Call.


Between sessions you can reach out through email, text or voicemail for support, and expect to receive a response within 24 hours.